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Urinary system

What does renal interstitium mean?? and does it releases substance called medullipin and what its effect?

Renal interstium means interstitial tissue of the kidney or stroma, fibroblast-like cells secrete this hormone. It results in vasodilatation and decreased blood pressure.

Drs please, I can't imagine the site of juxta medullary nephron.

Nephron near the medulla ...Juxta = near

Drs Please.. What is the renal labyrinth?? where exactly is it??

The renal cortex is the region of the kidney that houses the renal corpuscles and their associated convoluted tubules. The cortex is organized into discrete patches containing the renal corpuscles and their proximal and distal convoluted tubules. These patches are referred to as cortical labyrinths; the cortical labyrinths are supported by structures called medullary rays.

Please drs, I want a picture of medullary rays of the kidney, where are they located?

The renal cortex is formed by alternating regions of:
ranal labyrinth: renal corpuscles and their proximal and distal convoluted tubules
medullary rays: formed of collecting tubules "more or less straight" and they are more or less longitudinal. 
The collecting tubules penetrate the cortex, to connect with the distal convoluted tubules. These extensions are called medullary rays and represent the cores of the kidney lobules (Medullary Rays). The medullary rays contain also radially directed straight segments of the loop of Henle.

what is the difference between subpodocytic space and filtration slits (are they the same) ?

Filtration slit: the space between the minor processes.
Subpodocytic space: the space between podocyte & basement membrane.

dr i dont understand this statement ascending limb is impearmeable to water and active in pumping Na and Cl result in hypertonicity of interstisium around collecting tubule.

They pump the ions to the outside of their lumen (interstitial tissue or interstitium) and prevent passage of water with the ions, so the interstium becomes hypertonic.

How do distal convoluted tubules come in contact with vascular pole? I can't imagine!

Drs, please, I can't understand the renal blood supply.

Regarding non filtered blood and filtered blood in the kidney which is oxygenated?

Arterial side oxygenated, including the afferent and efferent arterioles, venous side non oxygenated.

Why ureters are not covered by serosa .. Although they exist in the abdomen?!

They are partialy covered by serosa.