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Lymphatic system

What are salivary corpuscles?

They are degenerating leukocytes originating mainly in the tonsils and passing into the saliva in the mouth.

What are the necessary elements to stimulate B-lymphocyte to divide and differentiate?

The necessary elements are exposure to the antigen and activated helper T-cells.

What is meant high endithelial venules "HEV"?

High-endothelial venules (or postcapillary venules) in the deep cortex have a characteristic low cuboidal epithelium. Lymphocytes, which reach the lymph node via the blood stream, may migrate through this epithelium as part of their recirculation.

Doctors, plz tell me more details about open and closed theory of splenic circulation?

In closed circulation through the spleen, blood empties from the vessels of the white pulp into sheathed capillaries of the red pulp and then directly into the sinuses.
In open circulation, blood empties from the sheathed capillaries into the splenic cords and then enters the sinuses through slits in the wall.
 It appears that open circulation predominates and that closed circulation serves only a minor role.

The atypical endothelium of splenic sinuses consists of fusiform cells oriented parallel to the log axis of the vessel and so on.......... this is a unique filtering arrangement for the blood in the spleen........ what does this part means?

Fusiform means spindle in shape and orietated long axis parallel to the long axis of the vessel. Those blood cells that leave the blood vessels in the spleen’s red pulp must essentially find their own way back into circulation by squeezing through the walls of special blood vessels called sinusoids.