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Digestive system

What is the type of epithelium that covers the red line of the lip (vermilion)?

It is covered by stratified squamous epithelium with thin layer of keratin.
Lying between lining mucosa and skin side of lip.
Present only in human race and represented as red zone.
The line separating it from the skin side is the vermilion border (mucocutaneous junction)

What is meant by "plicae circulares"?

The numerous permanent crescentic folds of mucous membrane found in the small intestine especially in  the jejunum. They share in the increase in the aborptive surface area of the intestine

What is the nature of secretion of the minor salivary glands?

They are all mucoserous.

What is the function of the intercellular canaliculi present in mucous and serous acini in the salivary glands?

 to carry secretory products from the demilune cells to an intercellular canaliculus between acinar or tubule cells, finding a way for the secretion to reach the lumen.

Why do goblet cells increase in number from duodenum to anal canal ?

The further down the GI tract the greater the number of goblet cells to meet the need for increased lubrication of the luminal contents.

What is the difference btween portal tract and portal lobule?

Portal tract is a space present t the corner of classic hepatic lobule containing some structures but does not have hepatocytes.
Portal lobule: a liver tissue composed of hepatocytes surrounding the portal tract

Where does the lymph arise in liver?

Lymph is formed by the extracellular fluid escaped the blood circulation. It arises from the space of Disse in the liver.

In the pancreas' duct system.. the intercalated duct has the secretory function while in the salivary glands, the striated ducts do??

different parts with the same function according to the gland.