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Requirements of your assignment
The cover page with the title, participants and the supervisor, introduction, body with colored photos and medical applications to the topic, conclusion and references. The assignment should not be more than 7 pages.

When you submit your assignment:
The second week of the second semester.

How to write an  essay:
Striking the topic:
Choose a topic you are passionate about, it makes writing easier. If you can’t choose the topic, then study it to make sure you know it better.
Planning gives you an idea of where to begin and how the essay should flow
Gather facts and put them under headings they belong
Bullet point ideas will make writing the essay easier
Before you begin writing the essay, make sure your plan is in order so you won’t miss out on anything to write in the essay
Topic and purpose of the essay
Indicates structure of the essay
Body of the essay:
Makes sense. Logical, persuasive facts and language.
No going off topic or repetition of points.
Facts to back up your idea. 
Conclusion of the essay:
Summarize main points