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Circulatory system

what is the difference between elastic fibers , membranes and laminae?

Fibers are individual.
Membranes are formed of elastic fibers packed together to form a complete layer.
Laminae are more or less similar to membranes or a layer of packed elastic fibers.

From large to small arteries , what changes would you expect to see in tunica media?

decrease in thickness - decrease in elastic fibers - increased smooth muscles - clearer internal and external elastic laminae - on reaching small artries (atrioles) every thing decreases

Which is right: the AV shunts dilate in cold weather or in hot weather?how and why?

the AV shunt is a short way for the blood instead of passing through the ordinary way ( the capillaries) under the skin, the blood passes directly from the atrerioles to venules. In cold weather, they become open so the blood does not pass through the capillary bed and preventing heat loss from the blood inside the blood caps under the skin.