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Blood and hemopoiesis

What is the significance of increased body temperature (fever) during acute infections?

The increase in temperature creates an emergency situation or alarm for the body ... as if your body tells u " hey there ... u have something wrong over there " so we take our precautions for the infection or inflammation temperature is a natural immune response in most cases either for first , second or third line defense.

Man Have Basophils Count = Zero But When He eats some Strawberries He Gets Allergy, suggest How?

Mast cells play the major role in allergic reaction, basophils have very low count and their role in allergy is minimal.

Can the plasma cells be found in blood?

No, plasma cells originate in the bone marrow, these cells leave the bone marrow as B cells, their terminal differentiation into plasma cells, normally takes places in lymph nodes.

How do the monocyte, small lymphocyte and large lymphocyte have centrioles for division and they are continuously renewable cells?

All cells in the body contain centrioles except the neurons  but not all cells are dividing.