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Slides landmarks First Year

posted Apr 9, 2017, 1:39 AM by Eman Mostafa Sadek   [ updated Apr 9, 2017, 1:44 AM ]

How to Identify the Slides:

Unstained & special stained sections:

- Ground compact bone: unstained section with Haversian canal

- Nerve trunk (osmic acid): black circles of myelin sheath

- Spinal ganglion (Ag): brown nerve cells arranged in group.

- Sympathetic ganglion (Ag): brown scattered small nerve cells

Large hollow sections:

 - Aorta:  Thick wall with elastic membranes.

 - Decalcified compact bone: Haversian systems OR central BM cavity

Small hollow sections:

 - Basilar artey:  Prominent thick internal elastic lamina.

- Medium sized A & V: The artery…   Thick wall with narrow lumen

                                         The  vein…    Thin wall with wide lumen

Lobulated sections:

- T.S skeletal muscle: Acidophilic cytoplasm with periphral nuclei.

- Thymus: lobules with outer dark cortex & inner pale medulla


Sections with lymphatic follicles:

-Lymph Node: cortical follicles & medullary cord.

- Spleen: Scattered lymph follicles with central arteriole

- Tonsil: St. sq.epith. forming crypts + lymphatic follicles + Mucous glands.

Dot shaped slides:

- Nerve trunk (H&E):  the bundles of nerve fibers

- Spinal ganglion (H&E): rounded nerve cells  in groups or rows. 

- Moderator band:Large purkinje fibers with peripheral myofibrils.



Eye glasses sections:

- Costal cartilage: basophilic matrix & chondrocytes in their lacunae.

- Spongy bone: multiple irregular bone marrow cavities

Chracteristically shaped sections;

- Growing bone: presence of cartilage then replaced by bone.

- Umbilical cord: mesenchymal cells are stellate OR pale matrix.

- Ear pinna: Cartilage with hairy skin on both sides

Elongated sections:

-L.S skeletal muscle: parallel cylindrical muscle fibers OR

                                    multiple peripheral nuclei.

- Cardiac muscle and valve: muscle fibers in different directions

                                              & presence of the valve.


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Eman Mostafa Sadek,
Apr 9, 2017, 1:39 AM