Histology Department

Historical brief:
The Histology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, was established with the start of Kasr Al-Ainy medical school in association with the physiology department.
By the end of the 1930, it had been associated with the anatomy department till the beginning of 1980. 
By the beginning of 1984, it was separated from the anatomy department and became a separate one.
Our Mission: 
Is to prepare the medical student to know the normal histological structure of the different body systems and organs, to enable the medical student to correlate between the histological structure and function of various tissues and organs, to prepare the students to understand the basis of cell biology and functional ultra structure, to develop a graduate who is able to follow the dynamic updating in the science of histology and cell biology in recent textbooks,colored atlases and Internet and to prepare medical student for studying histopathology in third year.

Our Vision:
Is to be recognized internationally as a center o excellence in education, research and community service

Education and Services:
For undergraduates:
Teaching histology theoretically and practically to:
Medical students of the First year 
Medical students of the Second year
Dentistry students of the First year in Cairo University. 
Pharmacy students of the First year in Cairo University.
Physiotherapy students of the First year in Cairo University. 
For postgraduates:
A -  Teaching histology to the students of the master degree in the following specializations:
Neurology and psychiatry
B - Teaching histology to the students of diploma of chemical analysis.
C - Teaching histology to students of doctor degree in physiotherapy in the following specializations: 
Basic Sciences

Other duties:
In association with other clinical departments, many master and doctor thesis are prepared in our department especially for electron and fluorescent microscopic studies, tissue culture, Cytogenetics Immunohistochemical studies and image analysis for light microscopy.